workshops / ateliers art -
Atelier de Seguret France supports artists doing their own thing with ateliers , stuff and "savoir vivre" (Provence/France)
Berthof Germany first steps to collotype for photographers surrounded by beautiful landscape (Hamburg/Germany)
Centro Grafica Argentinien Centro de Formación y Edición Gráfica de Buenos Aires , workshops for lithography
Brigitte Guhle Germany workshops for drawing, painting and creative holidays
Kaus Urbino Itlay international centre for artistic engraving Urbino , workshops for wood engraving and copper plate etching ( Urbino / Italy )
Kloster Bentlage Deutschland all kind of traditional printing and bookmaking (Germany/Rheine)
Der Lucashof Germany painting, paperworks, sculpture - wood, ceramic, soap stone (Germany/Worpswede)
Andreas Mattern Germany watercolor workshop in atelier and landscape (Germany/Berlin,Bavaria)
Sommer-Kunstakademie Germany if you want to get a qualified insight and start (Erkelenz/Germany)
ART AKADEMIE Weihergut Austria workshops at the leading private academy of arts in Austria
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advertisment minimum fee 10 $ one year. Responsibility is on behalf the one who made the offer.

customer ranking *** for good and --- for bad expirience.

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